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Julianne filming for USIT.

Julianne filming for USIT at Temple Bar

Hi! My name is Samantha and I’m the intern here at Tailored Films. A little about me: I’m a third year at Muhlenberg College in the United States. However, I’m doing my Erasmus program here at Dublin City University, and I’ll be interning at Tailored Films until mid-May. Ruth, Jules, and Paula have been trying to get this blog running for the past few years, but since I’m here for a few more weeks, I thought I’d get it started. We try to keep all of our platforms updated but I wanted to give you a inside peek into what happens here at Tailored Films.

There are several projects we’re working on at the moment. Currently, we’re in the final stages of an exhibit for Mount Saint Anne’s Retreat about the Presentation Sisters. We’ve created several short films that will tie into the exhibit surrounding them. These films showcase the work the sisters currently do, as well as their history and what they hope to do in the future. It’s been a large project but we’re really excited to see it finalized and presented. Make sure to check it out starting in May!

Another project we’re working on is expanding our children’s television series, Spooky Stakeout, into a feature.

Our poster from Spooky Stakeout, the feature we're currently working on.

Our poster from Spooky Stakeout

We created Spooky Stakeout as a series for RTE, and we’re looking forward to working with our young actors again on this project. Production will be in early May, and we’re hoping to release the feature sometime in the coming months. Check out Spooky Stakeout on our website, and we look forward to showing you the full project soon!

We’ve recently filmed a few spots for Dublin Institute of Technology and USIT, which should be released in the upcoming weeks.

Julianne, one of our freelance directors, and our representative from USIT.

Julianne, one of our freelance directors, and our representative from USIT.

We really enjoyed working with both companies and we hope you all enjoy the spots as much as we enjoyed making them.

Finally, pre-production is currently in process for an upcoming feature film we’re hoping to shoot later in the summer. We’re currently finalizing the casting and locations, but we’ll keep you all updated as this is definitely going to be a project you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for updates!

We’re getting ready for summer here at Tailored Films and we hope you are too. There’s a lot coming our way but we’re excited for the challenge and to share it with you all. Thanks for stopping by our blog and we look forward to you visiting our website again soon.

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