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Dalkey students celebrating a job well done!

Dalkey students celebrating a job well done!

Our sister company, the Digital Film School, has just wrapped up the first week of Make a Movie courses! The Digital Film School has been running a 5 day course that teaches teenagers all aspects of filmmaking from editing and acting to directing and lighting for the last 12 years!

Swords students on the set of "On the Run".

Swords students on the set of “On the Run”.

This year’s first two courses in Dalkey and Swords were fantastic, the students learned a lot and were genuinely interested in the filmmaking process. After speaking with a few of them, it is very clear how this course has inspired them to further their knowledge and passion for film.

You can watch the “behind the scenes” videos for these courses on the Digital Film School’s YouTube channel!

Behind the Scenes Swords

Behind the Scenes Dalkey

After brief classroom instruction the students take the art of filmmaking into their own hands. Every student is assigned a role (director, actor, camera person etc.) and uses their new knowledge to fulfil the duties that come along with each position. Slowly

Dalkey students on the set of "Crimson Castle".

Dalkey students on the set of “Crimson Castle”.

the students watch all of the pieces come together as they complete the course. These new skills allow for the students to create an entire short film completely written and produced by them, as well as watch it with the pride of a job well done and confidence in their newfound abilities.

Each student receives a USB drive containing their finished film and the films are then entered into prestigious international youth film festivals such as the Fresh Film Festival in Dublin! We are so proud of this week’s students and we are looking forward to see what the rest of the summer courses will bring!

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