Off to Cannes with our new project / how far we’ve come…

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Frontieres Platform @ Cannes

We’re excited to be packing our bags and heading off for a few days to the Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival once more. This is our 5th time attending the market and this year we’ve been selected to participate in the excellent Frontieres platform for genre projects, with our upcoming feature film ‘The Winter Lake’ (supported by the Irish Film Board and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union).

The film will be presented as part of the ‘Proof of Concept’ strand, which takes place on Saturday May 12th from 10am – 11.30am in the Palais K, Level 4. The film will be presented alongside 9 other really exciting projects, including one that will be produced by Ben Wheatley.

The Frontieres markets and platforms are so pivotal for genre producers to forge creative collaborations and sales partnerships. We have participated in three of their markets in the past and found them to be the best co-production markets we have ever attended. In fact, we met our sales agents for The Lodgers, Epic Pictures, at the 2015 Brussels Frontieres market.

Here’s a little more info about the event and the projects that will be featured:

And here’s an article from Variety

A trip down memory lane….

Planning our trip to Cannes has got us thinking about the very first time we attended the festival in 2012. Our first feature film ‘Stitches’ was being sold by MPI Media Group at the time (very successfully) :), and we hadn’t much experience as to what a film market entailed. We spent most of our days wandering around somewhat aimlessly (along with our director Conor McMahon), ogling yachts and luxurious champagne parties from a distance. Yet at the same time, our film was doing great business in terms of international sales, so it was all a bit surreal being there, not quite knowing where to go, or what to make of it all! Our lack of market experience also meant that we ended up staying in a pretty grim hotel quite far out in Le Cannet. It also resulted in us experiencing our own ‘Cannes robbery’ where a phone, laptop & some money were stolen from our room one evening. We were completely shocked, until we discovered this kind of theft is apparently fairly commonplace in Cannes…especially for rich and famous celebrities. So, although we may have been staying out in the sticks, paying a fortune for the pleasure, and reduced to drinking a can of beer in our strangely cold triple room, we weren’t that far removed from the celeb experience all the same…. or so we kept telling ourselves!

the glamour of Cannes.. director Conor McMahon & producer Ruth Treacy (Stitches)

the glamour of Cannes..
director Conor McMahon & producer Ruth Treacy (Stitches)

Stitches on sale at the MPI stand at Cannes

Stitches on sale at the MPI stand at Cannes

In any case, we’ve since had only positive experiences each time we’ve attended Cannes. This will be our fifth time attending and we’re looking forward to heading back again this year. We’ve by no means hit the big time, we merely know how to structure our market meetings at this point. In the meantime, we’ll keep dreaming of the day we’re chartering our own yacht around the bay :)

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