Casting Call – Mini Moguls

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Calling all teenage actors! We’re currently casting 6 roles for an upcoming RTÉ kids TV series. All roles are for 13-16 year olds (male and female roles). The shoot is taking place from August 7th to 24th so you must be available for the duration of this time. Actors don’t have to be Dublin based but must be based on the island of Ireland. Character descriptions below:


Max Mogul
Age 14/15
A teen idol / Willy Wonka style character – the big boss of the teen empire that the other
characters are seeking to join. Max is the slickest kid on the block. He’s a bit of a Justin Bieber
tech whizz. He’s a teen billionaire who made his money from inventing cool tech gadgets, but he
equally wouldn’t look out of place on stage in a boy band.
He’s charismatic, charming, but also quite sneaky and not trustworthy. Although he smiles a lot,
he can be quite devious. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from people.

Age 14
Grace is the ultimate girl next door – she’s the everyday ordinary girl that the audience will
connect with. She ends up attending this summer camp kind of by mistake (all the other teens
are chosen because of their superior skills in certain areas, but Grace was selected because
she shares the same name as someone else. She is a little insecure but grows in confidence as
the show develops. She sees the fun in things and wants to be friends with others, she is less
competitive than the other teens. She suspects Max is devious early on, but she knows it will
take a lot of investigating to expose him. She’s likeable and very much the audience’s window
into this world. Friendly, fun, adventurous and curious. She’s very smart and Leo is intimidated
by her.

Age 13/14
Marcus is cool, calm and collected. He attended the teen mini mogul camp last summer and
was chosen as a winner. The other team members are jealous that he must have the inside
track with Marcus, but there’s more to Marcus that meets the eye. He starts out a bit selfish and
stand offish / not very friendly, but then he falls for Grace and romance starts to blossom. His
hard shell starts to soften. He’s quick talking, quick thinking but doesn’t trust people easily. He’s
a bit hard to get to know at first.

Age 13
Una is extremely shy but highly intelligent. Her parents have sent her to this camp because they
want her to make friends, but Una would rather be anywhere else but here. She plays a lot of
video games and all her friends are virtual. She can be bossed around far too easily and never
speaks her mind. But in the end she learns how to stand up for herself. She’s a little mouse
mostly though.

Age 14

Leo will stab anyone in the back to get what he want. He’s super loud, super brash and thinks
he knows it all. He comes from quite a wealthy background and assumes he will always get his
own way. He learns over the course of the show that sometimes it’s okay to fail if you did your
best. He also learns to relax a bit. He’s Grace’s biggest rival.

Age 13
Sarah is a bit of a messer. She has a very short attention span. She wants to be famous and
she thought it would be fun to attend this camp but she isn’t really too bothered about the
investigation or what might really be happening behind the scenes. She’s a bit flaky and
switches between different friends a lot, but ultimately she learns to not always take centre
stage and to be a bit more loyal.



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