Hello, September: Exciting Hive Mind News, The Winter Lake Post-Production Update, Ace My Space Takes Off!

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Hey guys, I know we said we would post blog updates more often, but what can we say – we’ve been busy! Anyway, we thought now would be the perfect time to update you on all our autumnal antics…

Here in the Tailored Films office, we have been occupied the last few weeks as the post-production continues on ‘The Winter Lake’.


Emma Mackey as 'Holly'

Emma Mackey as ‘Holly’


We picture locked on the project in July and the film has moved to Montreal for the colour grading, sound edit and mixing stages. As the project is partly funded by Telefilm and is an official Irish / Canadian co-production with EMA films, the majority of the post-production (including VFX and music composition) is happening in Canada. We recently completed ADR with our talented cast and the final touches are being put to the music and grade as we speak. Next up it will be on to VFX and mixing, and we hope to have the film completed very soon.

In other news, ‘Hive Mind’ has been selected for the 2019 Sitges Pitchbox. The event takes place on October 3rd/4th and past judges have included Guillermo Del Toro so we’re very excited to participate. Wish us luck! 

Speaking of ‘Hive Mind’, we have a brand new development poster: 


Hive Mind Poster
Hive Mind Poster


Our children’s bedroom makeover series for RTE ‘Ace My Space’ is also busy in post production. The 10 x 25 minute series was filmed all over Ireland this summer in preparation for our slot in the Autumn schedule on RTÉ2. In each episode, our presenters Sean Treacy (youtube.com/stellarsean) and Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick (MC) (youtube.com/MCluvs2Laugh) are on a mission to makeover a young person’s bedroom, but the rules are that the owner of the room must hand control of all design decisions to their friend or family member. If the designer aces the space, they win an awesome prize, but if they don’t – then they must pay the price. Check out ‘Ace My Space’ every Saturday and Sunday from the 9th November to find out what happens.


The crew on the set of Ace My Space

The crew on the set of Ace My Space


We are also delighted to welcome development executive Cal to the Tailored team.

So September is off to a great start! Stay tuned for more development and production news as we have it. 

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