Fancy a Bedroom Makeover? We want YOU for our new RTÉ Kids series!

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Are you dreaming of a bedroom makeover? Do you wish your room was revamped to show
off your passions?

Well, we want to hear from YOU!

Our latest RTÉ show will be traveling around the country, meeting kids aged (9 – 14) and giving
their bedrooms a major transformation! But there is one catch – you will have to put your
trust in your brother, sister or best friend as they will be doing the decorating!

To enter, please complete this google form and attach a 60 second
video of you and your nominated designer (friend or sibling) in your bedroom, telling us all
about your vision!
(If you do not have a gmail account, please download the application form. Send it and your
video to

Be sure to tell us:

  • Why YOU should win the bedroom makeover
  • What YOU’D like your newly improved bedroom to look like
  • Then, hand the camera over to your designer (friend or sibling) and let them tell us what they have in store for your room

Filming will be taking place across the month of July.
Best of luck!!!!

Kids makeover Application Form


PLEASE NOTE; The information provided in this application form will be treated as private and confidential and will not be shared with third parties. See here for more information about how your data is stored


Emily Coll

02.05.2019, 6:27

Really need my room done. It’s soo boring…. Please help!!!


Emily Coll

02.05.2019, 6:29

Please I really need my room made over please help!!!!


Patricia Moore

03.05.2019, 7:04

Would love a sensory make over for our 8 year old son with down syndrome and loves mr tumble


Kate Gaynor

05.05.2019, 11:21

Hi aguus, do you need paint for this project or are you already sorted? We are a funky and colourful Paintshop in Carlow, serving Nationwide and would love to supply you if you need paint! Kate


Susan Williams

06.05.2019, 9:05

Hi sending this in on behalf of my daughter who is ten she’s badly in need of a bedroom makeover n is willing to put her trust in her little brother to do it thanks


Ailbhe lee

07.05.2019, 7:57

My kids Finn 10 and Molly 9 and Finns besty would love this



09.05.2019, 7:36

Hi! I am not applying for me I am applying for my younger sister Sarah. Sarah is 11 and has Down Syndrome, I would love to turn her room into a sensory room. A room where she can relax feel comfortable in, enjoy and have fun. I would love to make this happen for her with your help. Thanks so much.
Regards Siobhan Gorman


Sean O’loughlin

12.05.2019, 9:22

Hi I’m from county Clare Ireland I’m 12 and my bedroom only has a bed nightstand cupboard and tv it looks really empty in my room,I would really appreciate it if I could get my room done up by you and I also watch your YouTube videos


Sean Ronan

13.05.2019, 9:46

Hey guys big fan not going to make a huge text but really you guys are doing great for yourselves at the moment and doing everyone proud


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