Fancy a Bedroom Makeover? We want YOU for our new RTÉ Kids series!

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Are you dreaming of a bedroom makeover? Do you wish your room was revamped to show
off your passions?

Well, we want to hear from YOU!

Our latest RTÉ show will be traveling around the country, meeting kids aged (9 – 14) and giving
their bedrooms a major transformation! But there is one catch – you will have to put your
trust in your brother, sister or best friend as they will be doing the decorating!

To enter, please complete this google form and attach a 60 second
video of you and your nominated designer (friend or sibling) in your bedroom, telling us all
about your vision!
(If you do not have a gmail account, please download the application form. Send it and your
video to

Be sure to tell us:

  • Why YOU should win the bedroom makeover
  • What YOU’D like your newly improved bedroom to look like
  • Then, hand the camera over to your designer (friend or sibling) and let them tell us what they have in store for your room

Filming will be taking place across the month of July.
Best of luck!!!!

Kids makeover Application Form


PLEASE NOTE; The information provided in this application form will be treated as private and confidential and will not be shared with third parties. See here for more information about how your data is stored

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Our 2018 In Review

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Can you believe it’s Christmas already? It seems like just yesterday since we wrote out 2017 year in review – how time flies! In 2018, we were lucky to work on some really amazing projects.

We had a brilliant start to the year when The Lodgers won the IFTA for Best VFX. As we were up against industry behemoths Game of Thrones we were absolutely delighted. The VFX team on the film was incredible so the award was well and truly deserved. Following the IFTA win, The Lodgers was released theatrically in 24 countries including Italy where it showed in a massive 200 screens.

tailored films - iftas

The project that took up a lot of our time of this year was our 15 part kids drama Mini Moguls which screened on RTE2 in November. Mini Moguls followed Grace Campbell, a totally ordinary fourteen year old who is thrilled to be given an opportunity to compete for a job with Max Mogul, a YouTube and tech sensation. However, she soon realises that she’s caught up the nefarious plans of an evil corporation. We shot Mini Moguls over three weeks in Castleknock College with a really talented cast and crew. Mini Moguls the Movie will also be showing at 10.50am on Sunday 23rd December on RTE2 – make sure to check it out!


With the generous support of Screen Ireland, we currently have six projects in funded development. This includes our new feature The Winter Lake, body horror Hive Mind, dystopic sci-fi Black Unicorn, psychological thriller Don’t Come After Me, VR noir Dead Cities and surreal drama The Foundling.

Team Tailored was also represented at numerous markets this year including Cannes, Berlin, Content London, Les Arcs and of course, glamorous Galway.


On the corporate side of things, we worked on a lot of really cool promos in 2018. Notable projects included videos for the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and An Garda Siochana. We were also lucky to continue our work in 2018 producing videos for companies in the charity / not for profit sector.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-12 at 15.31.05

An even busier 2019 is planned as our next feature film The Winter Lake goes into production in Spring 2019 and we’ll also be continuing to work on children’s drama development for RTE.

We’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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A word from our most recent intern, Jordan

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Jordan shot 1

Hi there! My name is Jordan and I’ve been an interning here since October. Since arriving at Tailored Films, I have interacted with nothing but kind hearted, passionate people. Though I came during a period of relative downtime, there were still plenty of experiences for me to be involved with their projects and to take on challenges in areas like editing, sound design, and screenwriting.

I was also able to be on set for a few different shoots for various corporate clients including events shot at the Royal College of Surgeons and Trinity College. The shoots were typically kept as small as possible to give comfort to the subject, but on more than one occasion I was given learning opportunities well outside the realm of film. In one shoot at a local dentistry, we were crammed into an operating room and I actually got to be onscreen a little bit as a patient. On the shoot at the Royal College of Surgeons, I got to sit in on a graduate level lecture on biology (I think I understood some of it) and get an inside look at the lab spaces.

Besides the shoots, I attended two different social events, an Animation event at the American Ambassador’s house and the Ireland of Horrors Panel at Trinity College. The horror panel gave me a greater understanding of Irish film and allowed me to ask questions to people such as Conor McMahon who directed Tailored Film’s Stitches. This was actually my first day at Tailored and it gave me a lot of insight into what I would be doing in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 13.10.50

The event at the American Ambassador’s house was actually a promotional event for Pixar’s Ralph Wrecks the Internet and included people such as John C. Reilly and director Phil Johnston. I got to have a lot of free fancy hors doeuvres and wine and talk to plenty of interesting people from the Irish Animation Industry. I was definitely not expecting anything like this to happen when I started this internship, but I’m glad it did.

As I leave Tailored Films, I am excited to see the projects that I have been helping prepare see a release in the coming year. I’ll miss my time here, but hopefully will connect with the people I met here further along in my own career.

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The Mini Moguls Have Arrived!

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The cast of Mini Moguls are poised for victory.

Last week our new kids show Mini Moguls premiered on RTE 2. The show will continue to air every weekday at 12:35 PM with repeats at 5:15 PM for the next two weeks. An omnibus of 5 episodes will also be airing every Sunday morning at 11:15 AM.

Mini Moguls stars Dayl Cronin (Hometown, Dancing With the Stars) as Max Mogul, a social media sensation and host of a new competition for ambitious young internet stars. Our story follows five teens as they compete for one million euro and the chance to become Max Mogul’s right hand man. But something sinister is lurking behind the scenes at Mogul Manor. Who is Max Mogul and what does he really want? The series is a lighthearted mystery that revolves around the theme of how people choose to present themselves on the internet and the impact that has on their identity.

The show was shot on location at the Castleknock College in Dublin and directed by Tailored Films’ own Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde. It was written by Carol Walsh, Niamh Dennis, and Stephen Shields and stars a cast of up and coming actors including Amelia Flanagan who is making her acting debut as protagonist and superstar hopeful Grace Campbell.

We’re very excited about this project and hope that you will tune in! Can’t catch it on RTE2? Don’t worry! The show is also available on the RTE Player. More info on our upcoming projects will be coming soon.




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Netflix News, Production Progress and Up-To-Date Development!

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The Lodgers is coming to Netflix on August 23rd!
Thought you missed your chance to see The Lodgers? Never fear. It’s coming to haunt you in the comfort of your own home!
It is winding its way to a TV / tablet / projector / phone screen near you very shortly. In an almost worldwide release (which we are extremely excited about) The Lodgers will land on Netflix this Thursday August 23rd. 
The Lodgers revolves around twins Rachel and Edward, who share a strange existence in their crumbling family estate. Each night, the property becomes the domain of a sinister presence (The Lodgers) which enforces three rules upon the twins: they must be in bed by midnight; they may not permit an outsider past the threshold; if one attempts to escape, the life of the other is placed in jeopardy. When troubled war veteran Sean returns to the nearby village, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious Rachel, who in turn begins to break the rules set out by The Lodgers. The consequences pull Rachel into a deadly confrontation with her brother – and with the curse that haunts them.
Lovin Dublin are just as excited as we are. They’ve chosen us as the one to watch this weekend.
We’ve gotten some great feedback so far on the film and we are keen to hear more! If you’ve enjoyed the movie, feel free to give it a rating on IMDB. We’d love to hear your thoughts.
Here’s the trailer to get you excited for the real thing!

The cast of Mini Moguls

In other news……
Our RTE Show MINI MOGULS is in its last week of production!
We conceived, wrote, cast, and shot our latest kids show in under three months! Certainly a record for Tailored. The quick turn around was challenging but we are more than delighted with the result.
Here’s a synopsis to get you in the Mogul mood:
Five teenagers apply for the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to meet the famed, mysterious and dashing  YouTuber, Max Mogul. When the teens arrive atMogul Camp, they learn that they must compete against each other in a series of challenging tasks in order to win untold riches and a chance to become a famous YouTuber, just like Max Mogul. But something very sinister is going on behind the scenes at the Mogul camp and it’s up to our teens to find out: who is Max Mogul and what is he actually up to?
The lovely folks at Daily Edge have listed us as one of their top 20 shows to catch on RTE this Autumn. Everyone’s excited to see the show it seems!
You can catch Mini Moguls on RTE before the end of 2018! Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming months!
And finally, in development news…..
This summer we’ve been busily working away on a number of projects in funded development with Screen Ireland including:
Hive Mind by Demian Fox, a coming of age Sci-Fi/ horror, Don’t Come After Me by David Turpin, a revenge thriller, Kin by Niall Byrne, a psychological horror, Dead Cities by Gavin Burke, a virtual reality film noir, Black Unicorn by David Turpin, a dystopian drama and The Foundling by David Turpin, an absurdist fable.
If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please drop us a mail at

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Casting Call – Mini Moguls

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Calling all teenage actors! We’re currently casting 6 roles for an upcoming RTÉ kids TV series. All roles are for 13-16 year olds (male and female roles). The shoot is taking place from August 7th to 24th so you must be available for the duration of this time. Actors don’t have to be Dublin based but must be based on the island of Ireland. Character descriptions below:


Max Mogul
Age 14/15
A teen idol / Willy Wonka style character – the big boss of the teen empire that the other
characters are seeking to join. Max is the slickest kid on the block. He’s a bit of a Justin Bieber
tech whizz. He’s a teen billionaire who made his money from inventing cool tech gadgets, but he
equally wouldn’t look out of place on stage in a boy band.
He’s charismatic, charming, but also quite sneaky and not trustworthy. Although he smiles a lot,
he can be quite devious. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from people.

Age 14
Grace is the ultimate girl next door – she’s the everyday ordinary girl that the audience will
connect with. She ends up attending this summer camp kind of by mistake (all the other teens
are chosen because of their superior skills in certain areas, but Grace was selected because
she shares the same name as someone else. She is a little insecure but grows in confidence as
the show develops. She sees the fun in things and wants to be friends with others, she is less
competitive than the other teens. She suspects Max is devious early on, but she knows it will
take a lot of investigating to expose him. She’s likeable and very much the audience’s window
into this world. Friendly, fun, adventurous and curious. She’s very smart and Leo is intimidated
by her.

Age 13/14
Marcus is cool, calm and collected. He attended the teen mini mogul camp last summer and
was chosen as a winner. The other team members are jealous that he must have the inside
track with Marcus, but there’s more to Marcus that meets the eye. He starts out a bit selfish and
stand offish / not very friendly, but then he falls for Grace and romance starts to blossom. His
hard shell starts to soften. He’s quick talking, quick thinking but doesn’t trust people easily. He’s
a bit hard to get to know at first.

Age 13
Una is extremely shy but highly intelligent. Her parents have sent her to this camp because they
want her to make friends, but Una would rather be anywhere else but here. She plays a lot of
video games and all her friends are virtual. She can be bossed around far too easily and never
speaks her mind. But in the end she learns how to stand up for herself. She’s a little mouse
mostly though.

Age 14

Leo will stab anyone in the back to get what he want. He’s super loud, super brash and thinks
he knows it all. He comes from quite a wealthy background and assumes he will always get his
own way. He learns over the course of the show that sometimes it’s okay to fail if you did your
best. He also learns to relax a bit. He’s Grace’s biggest rival.

Age 13
Sarah is a bit of a messer. She has a very short attention span. She wants to be famous and
she thought it would be fun to attend this camp but she isn’t really too bothered about the
investigation or what might really be happening behind the scenes. She’s a bit flaky and
switches between different friends a lot, but ultimately she learns to not always take centre
stage and to be a bit more loyal.



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Off to Cannes with our new project / how far we’ve come…

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Frontieres Platform @ Cannes

We’re excited to be packing our bags and heading off for a few days to the Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival once more. This is our 5th time attending the market and this year we’ve been selected to participate in the excellent Frontieres platform for genre projects, with our upcoming feature film ‘The Winter Lake’ (supported by the Irish Film Board and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union).

The film will be presented as part of the ‘Proof of Concept’ strand, which takes place on Saturday May 12th from 10am – 11.30am in the Palais K, Level 4. The film will be presented alongside 9 other really exciting projects, including one that will be produced by Ben Wheatley.

The Frontieres markets and platforms are so pivotal for genre producers to forge creative collaborations and sales partnerships. We have participated in three of their markets in the past and found them to be the best co-production markets we have ever attended. In fact, we met our sales agents for The Lodgers, Epic Pictures, at the 2015 Brussels Frontieres market.

Here’s a little more info about the event and the projects that will be featured:

And here’s an article from Variety

A trip down memory lane….

Planning our trip to Cannes has got us thinking about the very first time we attended the festival in 2012. Our first feature film ‘Stitches’ was being sold by MPI Media Group at the time (very successfully) :), and we hadn’t much experience as to what a film market entailed. We spent most of our days wandering around somewhat aimlessly (along with our director Conor McMahon), ogling yachts and luxurious champagne parties from a distance. Yet at the same time, our film was doing great business in terms of international sales, so it was all a bit surreal being there, not quite knowing where to go, or what to make of it all! Our lack of market experience also meant that we ended up staying in a pretty grim hotel quite far out in Le Cannet. It also resulted in us experiencing our own ‘Cannes robbery’ where a phone, laptop & some money were stolen from our room one evening. We were completely shocked, until we discovered this kind of theft is apparently fairly commonplace in Cannes…especially for rich and famous celebrities. So, although we may have been staying out in the sticks, paying a fortune for the pleasure, and reduced to drinking a can of beer in our strangely cold triple room, we weren’t that far removed from the celeb experience all the same…. or so we kept telling ourselves!

the glamour of Cannes.. director Conor McMahon & producer Ruth Treacy (Stitches)

the glamour of Cannes..
director Conor McMahon & producer Ruth Treacy (Stitches)

Stitches on sale at the MPI stand at Cannes

Stitches on sale at the MPI stand at Cannes

In any case, we’ve since had only positive experiences each time we’ve attended Cannes. This will be our fifth time attending and we’re looking forward to heading back again this year. We’ve by no means hit the big time, we merely know how to structure our market meetings at this point. In the meantime, we’ll keep dreaming of the day we’re chartering our own yacht around the bay :)

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Cinema List for The Lodgers’ Irish Theatrical Release. Catch it from March 9th.

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The Lodgers shall be released in Irish cinemas from this Friday 9th March. Catch it in the following locations:


Movies @ Dundrum – BOOK HERE NOW

Movies @ Swords – BOOK HERE NOW

Movies @ Gorey – BOOK HERE NOW

Omniplex Cork – BOOK HERE NOW

Omniplex Limerick – BOOK HERE NOW

Omniplex Waterford – BOOK HERE NOW

Omniplex Wexford – BOOK HERE NOW

The Light House Cinema, Dublin – BOOK HERE NOW

The Light House Cinema, Dublin Q&A with Brian O’Malley & David Turpin – BOOK HERE NOW

The Light House Cinema, Dublin Q&A with Loftus Hall proprietor Aidan Quigley – BOOK HERE NOW

The Arc Cinema, Wexford – BOOK HERE NOW

The Arc Cinema, Drogheda – BOOK HERE NOW

Diamond Digital Cinemas, Navan – BOOK HERE NOW

C&L Plex Roscommon – BOOK HERE NOW

Eye Cinema, Galway – BOOK HERE NOW

Mayo Movie World – BOOK HERE NOW

Triskel Arts Centre, Cork – BOOK HERE NOW

St. Michael’s Theatre, New Ross – BOOK HERE NOW

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Berlinale, Where You Can See The Lodgers and the Big IFTA Win

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It’s been a seriously busy few weeks here in Tailored HQ. With Berlinale, JETS, organising distribution for The Lodgers and last – but by no means least – celebrating our IFTA win, we’ve barely had enough time to catch our breath!


The bright lights and buzz of Berlinale had us heading to the German capital for a few days this week. As one of our favourite events of the year, we were delighted to be back in Berlin to meet some like minded filmmakers – and to imbibe in a stein or two!

tailored films - ruth and eithne

Though we were also at Berlinale to catch up with distributors, co-producers and of course, filmmaker friends, one of the main reasons we were in Berlin was to pitch our upcoming project Hive Mind at JETS 2018. The JETS Co-Production Initiative is funded and supported by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Irish Film Board, HessenFilm und Medien GmbH, nordmedia, The Finnish Film Foundation and Telefilm Canada and brings together filmmakers from Ireland, Germany, Canada, Finland and the UK to pitch their upcoming projects to potential distributors and co-producers. We were delighted to see such a strong Irish contingent there this year and are looking forward to following up on some of the interesting projects that were pitched.

tailored films - hive mind jets

One thing that we are absolutely over the moon about this week was The Lodgers’ big win at the IFTAs. The film won in the VFX category beating out industry behemoths like Game of Thrones. A huge congrats are due to Ben O’Connor, Aoife Noonan, Julianne Forde and Oisin O’Neill for their much deserved award. Special shout-out to Alan Foley and Ray Sullivan for their great contribution to VFX too.

tailored films - iftas

The Irish release for The Lodgers is fast approaching and we can’t wait for you all to catch a glimpse of our gothic ghost story. The Lodgers will be shown at the following Irish cinemas from March 9th:

  • C&L Plex, Roscommon
  • Triskel Arts Centre,  Cork
  • Mayo Movie World, Mayo
  • Eye Cinema, Galway
  • Movies@Swords, Dublin
  • Movies@Dundrum,  Dublin
  • Movies@Gorey, Gorey
  • The Arc, Wexford
  • The Diamond, Navan
  • The Arc, Drogheda
  • Omniplex, Wexford
  • Omniplex, Waterford
  • Omniplex, Cork
  • Omniplex, Limerick
  • The Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin

The Lodgers will also be enjoying it’s American release this weekend. If you’re Stateside, you can catch the film in the following theatres from today:

  • Sonora Cinema, Aurora, CO
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Littleton, CO
  • Patio Theatre, Chicago, IL
  • Emagine Royal Oak, Royal Oak, MI
  • Carolina Theatre, Raleigh, NC
  • The Screening Room, New York, NY
  • The Screening Room, Buffalo, NY
  • Village East Cinema, New York, NY
  • Eclipse Theatre, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Nightlight Cinema, Akron, OH
  • The Capitol Theatre, Cleveland, OH
  • Alamo Drafthouse, Dallas/Forth Worth, TX
  • AMC, Mesquite, TX
  • Cinema Latino, Pasadena, TX
  • Galaxy Monroe 12, Monroe, WA
  • Ark Lodge (Dark Lodge), Seattle, WA

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The Lodgers Nominated for 3 IFTAs and a release date!

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We are absolutely buzzed to be donning our very best ‘Tailored’ attire in attendance of the Irish Film and Television Awards this Thursday night in Dublin with our upcoming film, THE LODGERS, up for three awards.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 16.54.10


We’re up for Best Costume Design (Sara Jane Ffrench O’Carroll), Best Production Design (Joe Fallover) and Best Visual Effects (Tailored Films and Bowsie Workshop).  


download      download-1     download-2

The film has already begun to develop a buzz around it following its Toronto Film Festival Debut last September. It’s already garnered three awards and was the Closing Gala Film at Sitges International Film Festival last October.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 16.53.54


The IFTAs also sees other members of THE LODGERS team up for nominations: Cinematogrpaher Richard Kendrick for SONG OF GRANITE, Deirdre O’Kane for Supporting Actress in HALAL DADDY and Moe Dunford for his supporting Actor in VIKINGS.


The Tailored crew will be attending alongside our nominees and we hope to come home with an award or two. Best of luck to all the nominees in all the categories – it’s an honour to be part of such a celebration of Irish talent!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 17.23.15



We’re also thrilled to announce that THE LODGERS will see its release across selected cinemas in Ireland on March 9th. Keep an eye out for more details as to where you can catch the film when it’s released!


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