Merry Christmas: our 2019 in review

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Merry Christmas!


We can hardly believe it’s the end of another year already – it has just flown by! Today is our final day in the office for this year, and we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane and have a look back at some of our highlights of the year gone by.

It’s been an exceptionally busy year for team Tailored as we produced our third feature film ‘The Winter Lake’ and also developed and produced a large 10 x 25 minute lifestyle format TV series ‘Ace my Space’ for 8-12 year olds. We also worked on some really interesting large digital projects for clients such as the Gardaí, Curám, Science Foundation Ireland and INTO.

The Winter Lake

Production for The Winter Lake began in mid February in Leitrim and Sligo and it was a hectic, eventful but ultimately very successful shoot.  A dark coming of age thriller, the film is led by “Screen Stars of Tomorrow” Anson Boon and Emma Mackey (Sex Education) alongside Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders, Love:Hate) and Michael McElhatton (Game of Thrones). The film was financed by Screen Ireland, Epic Pictures, Wrap Fund, BAI and Telefilm Canada (our first official co-production, which was very exciting (with the awesome EMA Films and Anne-Marie Gelinas) Conditions for the shoot were very harsh (it rained every single day, apart from one day – when it snowed!) and our actors were true tough cookies, enduring one particularly freezing having to swim and wade through a lake at night. The hard work from cast and crew paid off in the end though, and we have just finished the final post production step as of today (woohoo!) so watch this space for more news on the film’s release in 2020.

Emma Mackey as 'Holly'

Emma Mackey as ‘Holly’

Ace my Space

In April of this year we got the green light from RTE Young People’s Programming for our latest children’s series ‘Ace my Space’ – a 10 x 25 minute bedroom makeover series for 8-12 year olds. The series was our first time trying our hands at both devising a format, and indeed working on a specifically lifestyle themed show, but it was a big success. The show was presented by popular YouTubers Sean ‘Stellar’ Treacy and Mary Claire ‘MCluvs2laugh’ Fitzsimons  who were a complete joy to work, and we had a fantastic design team and crew on board with us also (not to mention our talented writers Niamh Dennis, Katie McCann and John Fox) and our researcher Olive Esler, who scoured the country to find the most fantastic kids in need of a bedrooom makeover. The series follows a child who scores the opportunity to win a brand new bedroom makeover, but the catch is that they must allow a friend or family member to make all the design decisions! If they are happy with the final result, the designer wins a prize, but if not – then they must pay the price……! The show premiered on RTE2 in November and is already being repeated again so check it out if you can over the holiday season (or indeed on the RTE player!) And watch this space to see if there’ll be more makeover fun in 2020..we will keep you posted!

Ace my Space!

Other highlights  – Screen Leaders, Creative Europe Funding, Frontieres Forum & more…

Aside from those two really big projects and our digital projects, we also worked further on our development slate this year and were chuffed to secure ‘Single Project’ development funding from Creative Europe for our sci fi fantasy Black Unicorn (written by David Turpin) in May. This a project very close to our hearts and we hope to have more news for you on that in the coming year. We also continued work on projects such as Dead Cities, The Foundling, Hive Mind and Monto (as well as a couple of newer projects which are at an earlier stage of development).

The team found time for a good deal of travel this year – we were delighted to be selected to participate in the Frontieres Forum in Helsinki  in February with our project ‘Don’t Come After Me’ (directed by Finnish directing maestro AJ Annila) and we also attended the Baltic Co-Production Market in Tallinn in November for the first time ever.  We also attended Tallinn earlier in November for the third module of the Screen Leaders Workshop which the company participated in this year. We found this really invigorating and motivational for our company as we begin to plan for the year ahead.

Finally, we added a new member to Team Tailored this year – development executive Cal McGhee, who joined us from a background of screenwriting studies and post production in late summer of this year. We look forward to expanding our slate with him on board in the coming year.

We hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas break and we look forward to connecting with you all again in 2020! Merry Christmas! Xx





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November news: Screen Leaders and Ace my Space!

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Our Trip to Tallinn for Screen Leaders, Ace My Space debuts on RTÉ 2 and exciting news on The Winter Lake
Tailored Films were delighted to be selected for the prestigious 2019 Screen Leaders programme back in May, which took us to Tallinn, Estonia earlier this month to complete its third and final module.

The Screen Leaders programme is a course funded by Creative Europe and Screen Skills Ireland, and is specifically designed for companies who are at a specific point of growth or have been in business for a number of years and are looking to refine or refocus their strategic vision. Alongside our company  we were joined by companies of a very impressive calibre, ranging from animation houses to production companies to advertising agencies all throughout Europe, including Venom Film from Dublin who we were in film school with many moons ago!
The first module took place in Limerick back in June and ran for one week. The second module took place in Dublin and was a more one-to-one endeavour which made us reflect on what our strategic goals are for the future and how we can accomplish them. All eight companies rejoined with us for the last module in Tallinn from 10th – 14th November, which comprised of some very insightful, intensive sessions examining company strategy, cash flow, future opportunities, and even personality tests based on individual strengths, helping us revise what each of our five staff members can bring to the table and how best to utilise and develop these skills.
some of the participants from the Screen Leaders 2019 workshop

some of the participants from the Screen Leaders 2019 workshop

Coming away from Screen Leaders has given us a redefined sense of our business. Our mission is clearer now and and it was invigorating to meet with other  like-minded companies facing similar challenges in the media landscape. It was a practical and very useful module that provided some interesting case studies on larger companies facing similar struggles, allowing us to collaborate in a way that greatly helped all involved.
In other news, our brand new bedroom makeover show for kids, Ace My Space, started on RTÉ2 on November 9th. So far, the reaction has been very positive and we have received great feedback across the board. Presented by the amazing YouTube stars “Stellar” Sean Treacy and Mary Claire MC Fitzpatrick (aka MCluvs2laugh): all 10 x 25 minute episodes of Ace My Space will air at lunchtime on Saturdays and Sundays for the next 5 weeks.
Ace my Space!
We are very proud of the show as it is our first time doing a lifestyle series and it is the first of its kind for RTÉ young people’s programming! Our talented YouTuber hosts have been inundated with kind words about the show since its launch, receiving DMs from established fans and new young viewers throughout Ireland. We’re thrilled with the response so far and we’re so pleased with the sheer breadth and range of episodes, which cover an eclectic mix of hobbies from children from all kinds of backgrounds. Our fantastic researcher Olive Esler really exceeded our expectations in sourcing families from all different walks of life and the crew worked indelibly hard shooting each individual episode over the tight course of two days.
Episodes five and six air this weekend around midday and you can catch up on any episodes you’ve missed here on the RTE player
Finally, we are delighted to announce that The Winter Lake has finished post-production and is ready for delivery. We paid a visit to Montreal, Canada for the final mix and grade, having a ball with the post-production crew while also getting our maple syrup fix. Now we are focused on completing the tech and paperwork deliveries and aiming for our festival launch.  We are very happy with the final product overall – we hope you will be too! Watch this space for future news on our release!

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Hello, September: Exciting Hive Mind News, The Winter Lake Post-Production Update, Ace My Space Takes Off!

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Hey guys, I know we said we would post blog updates more often, but what can we say – we’ve been busy! Anyway, we thought now would be the perfect time to update you on all our autumnal antics…

Here in the Tailored Films office, we have been occupied the last few weeks as the post-production continues on ‘The Winter Lake’.


Emma Mackey as 'Holly'

Emma Mackey as ‘Holly’


We picture locked on the project in July and the film has moved to Montreal for the colour grading, sound edit and mixing stages. As the project is partly funded by Telefilm and is an official Irish / Canadian co-production with EMA films, the majority of the post-production (including VFX and music composition) is happening in Canada. We recently completed ADR with our talented cast and the final touches are being put to the music and grade as we speak. Next up it will be on to VFX and mixing, and we hope to have the film completed very soon.

In other news, ‘Hive Mind’ has been selected for the 2019 Sitges Pitchbox. The event takes place on October 3rd/4th and past judges have included Guillermo Del Toro so we’re very excited to participate. Wish us luck! 

Speaking of ‘Hive Mind’, we have a brand new development poster: 


Hive Mind Poster
Hive Mind Poster


Our children’s bedroom makeover series for RTE ‘Ace My Space’ is also busy in post production. The 10 x 25 minute series was filmed all over Ireland this summer in preparation for our slot in the Autumn schedule on RTÉ2. In each episode, our presenters Sean Treacy ( and Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick (MC) ( are on a mission to makeover a young person’s bedroom, but the rules are that the owner of the room must hand control of all design decisions to their friend or family member. If the designer aces the space, they win an awesome prize, but if they don’t – then they must pay the price. Check out ‘Ace My Space’ every Saturday and Sunday from the 9th November to find out what happens.


The crew on the set of Ace My Space

The crew on the set of Ace My Space


We are also delighted to welcome development executive Cal to the Tailored team.

So September is off to a great start! Stay tuned for more development and production news as we have it. 

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Ace My Space Blog Post by our Intern Noah

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The crew at Tailored Films have been very busy over the month of July as they have been all over Ireland shooting for their kid’s TV series ‘Ace My Space.’ There were 10 different children selected to get the bedrooms of their dreams. But, instead of jumping into the excitement of the life on-set, I want to take a tour through the editing room where the show is brought to life by some very talented people: Steven Allen and Oisin O’Neill. 

I sat down with both of them individually and spoke to them about the process of editing, their way of doing things and their careers. Through talking with them, I also learned a thing or two that I did not know before. Things such as the critical importance of organisation and the enormous time investment that goes into completing just one episode of this series. Steven shed some light on how he prepares the footage for Oisin to then assemble into what we in the business call a rough-cut, a process that starts with the task of converting the very large, raw video files into small, more manageable files. Although they are lower in picture quality, it allows the editing software to run smoother, thus allowing the editors to work more efficiently. After the conversion is complete, every single video file has to be renamed according to the day of the shooting, the episode number, the scene, and the take. If that sounds like a lot… it’s because it is, but it is no match for Tailored’s editors.

Soon after that, the real work can commence. Now, each in their proper labels, the video files are combed through to see which one can offer the best towards the final cut; which particular sections of the various takes can be used in a particular scene, and as they do this, they lay them out in the timeline of their editing software in accordance to the script. Once this has been accomplished, the low-grade sequence is reconnected to the high-quality, original video files. The edited sequence retains its order but is upgraded in its picture quality and is what will be aired. Even though this is Steven’s first time working with both Tailored Films and a TV series, he is competent in his work and knows how to get by in a crunch.

Before joining Tailored, he worked making corporate videos where he was tasked with a gruelling amount of work, to be done by a strict deadline. If that isn’t enough to prep one for film production, I don’t know what is. Even though there is a million ways to do things in terms of editing, Steven works closely with Oisin to make sure that everything is the way he likes it so that once he get his hands on the files he can work easily with a seamless transition between the both of them. 

Now that Steven has finished the organisation and the video conversion, it is time for Oisin to trim and give the final edit to the sequence, work that entails much of the same skill as the former in the process. Oisin has been working as an editor for 12 years and that time spent showed as I watched him work. To get to where he is now, one has to first understand the basics of whatever software one is using. After that, the advanced skills and techniques soon follow; the keyboard shortcuts, the speed and ease of going through the clips to then drag them onto the timeline. Not much else is left to say about the post-production side of things. It is a long process, and takes much patience and dedication, but one that lets the final product shine in its most brilliant form and capacity. Conversely, during production one can see the more hectic side of things. 

 I had the privilege to be in attendance for three of Ace My Space’s shooting days, during which time I was able to get some insight as to what goes on so that the production can run as smooth as possible. One instrument working towards that end is Ger McAuliffe, Ace My Space’s production assistant. He is a wonderful man with experience in TV, having worked on a few drama series. AMS is his second kids show — the first taking place over the months of March to June of 2019 — and there is an inherent difference between working on a serious production and a more light-hearted one. For the former, the crew is of smaller size and tends to be more lively and much communication went on amongst the various departments, something that he did not see when working on the drama series; something that allows all those involved to work together efficiently and effortlessly. Of Ger’s many responsibilities, one of the most prominent is making sure that everyone is happy, and being available to do whatever needs to be done, an aspect that goes hand-in-hand with the most difficult part of the job: prioritising. 

Even though the Ace My Space team comprised of only 16 members, the work load placed on his shoulders was enough to make any inexperienced person shudder. He had to make sure that he can get everything done under a strict time limit, and be sure to complete the tasks both in order of importance and duration. If something would take the majority of the day, that duty would have to be postponed to open room for others that might be less costly in terms of time. All of what he does also alleviates the pressure from the show’s line producer, Eithne Fitzsimons, as she handles the books and finances.

Every occupation comes with both reward and struggle, and the thing that makes it all worth it is seeing that, at the end of the day, everyone is happy and safe. The result of a hard day’s work, something that is not as easy to gauge as one might think. Of course for film and TV the end result is clear and obvious: the final cut. But for the production assistant, the indicator of a job well done is the attitude of the cast and crew. If, at the end of the day, they are happy then that means Ger can go to bed knowing that he did all he could and came out the other side totally successful.

Of the many take-aways and lessons learned Ger has from Ace My Space, the one that is most prominent is just how crucial communication is. Coming from a larger production to a smaller one allows for more clear, concise interaction among the various departments and leaves little to no room for guess work as to what needs to be done, a facet of AMS that is not universally shared with other productions. But one thing that is shared is that one has to be able to roll with the punches, so to speak. Although AMS is a semi-scripted show, there are at many points where what is said and what is done and needed is completely improvised. Take the aspect of design for instance. Say that the design team needs a certain article of clothing to complete a costume, but no such article can be found. What is Ger to do? He has to communicate this short coming and find out that it is the vibrance of the colour and not the colour itself that is important. 

As the first season of Ace My Space comes to close, Ger is not without employment as he is off to work on a German crime TV series. This job will be unlike the project from which he is coming, but this is not a bad thing, for the change in pace he views as positive. Running around set and throughout town, chasing various items is satisfying for a time, but too much of it over an extended period can become grating. Ger is looking forward to this new chapter in his career and all of us at Tailored Films sincerely wish him the best of luck.

Finally, I would like to introduce Ace My Space’s director, Ruth Treacy. She, along with the rest of her team look back on what they were able to accomplish, the triumphs and disasters.

Through the planning of the series, it was deemed necessary to introduce an element of uncertainty into the show for entertainment’s sake. At the episodes half-way mark, a “disaster” strikes the AMS team where something with the design or the children goes awry. These are scripted and entirely expected. But it is the things that are not expected that cause the most frustration, chief among which is time and weather. Since the design team had to set up their equipment outdoors to keep the noise and mess of their power tools away from the set (the house,) they were exposed to all of Earth’s elements, though they tried their best to keep them at bay with a portable easy up. The time pressure to make sure that everything is in place for the reveal of the room is stressful, and having to deal with all of the unexpected takes time away from what is important. But the thing that smooths those road bumps is the amazingly talented crew.

This was AMS’s debut season, and doing a reality kids series has been tricky from concept to production. Planning everything in the minute-by-minute format, budgeting time for unexpected interruptions all come with the territory, but after all was said and done, everything went to plan and exceeded expectations. But, as I hope you are aware, Tailored Films is not solely involved with television and have many feature films under their belt and are confidently experienced with both formats. And with that experience comes the knowledge and wisdom to recognise the similarities and differences between them.

One of the big differences between a feature and a TV series is the production timeline. In television, you get the finances faster and that allows the production to commence and wrap in about 6 months, whereas in film the development could last 3-5 years followed by a long editing process. Even though working on features allows for a bigger budget and has opportunity to work with big-name actors, doing TV is just faster, has a smaller team, and most of the work can be done in-house, meaning that Ruth and Julianne Forde, the cinematographer, can be more hands-on than they might otherwise. And that is especially helpful when preparing the home’s residence for the Ace My Space team to essentially take over their house. 

Eithne and the production coordinator Caroline do all they can to make sure that the home owners know what to expect when the team arrives and work for two solid days. Someone that is not totally familiar to how the show works might not completely understand exactly how much their home is taken over by the crew of 14 people. In the end, they do deal with it pleasantly because they are getting a room renovated for free. Some of the families followed-up with AMS and expressed their happiness and satisfaction with how polite and accommodating the crew was, because, in the end, they are doing it for their children who’s ecstatic excitement is enough. One girl actually burst into tears when she walked into her new room, a reaction that remained steady across the board.

Aside from the obstacles of weather and general time constraints, the most challenging aspect of the shooting dates was balancing the capturing of things on camera for entertainment purposes and clearing out and making room for the design team to get their work done; very tight on time. 

Catch Ace My Space on RTE2 from 9th November 2019.

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Fancy a Bedroom Makeover? We want YOU for our new RTÉ Kids series!

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Are you dreaming of a bedroom makeover? Do you wish your room was revamped to show
off your passions?

Well, we want to hear from YOU!

Our latest RTÉ show will be traveling around the country, meeting kids aged (9 – 14) and giving
their bedrooms a major transformation! But there is one catch – you will have to put your
trust in your brother, sister or best friend as they will be doing the decorating!

To enter, please complete this google form and attach a 60 second
video of you and your nominated designer (friend or sibling) in your bedroom, telling us all
about your vision!
(If you do not have a gmail account, please download the application form. Send it and your
video to

Be sure to tell us:

  • Why YOU should win the bedroom makeover
  • What YOU’D like your newly improved bedroom to look like
  • Then, hand the camera over to your designer (friend or sibling) and let them tell us what they have in store for your room

Filming will be taking place across the month of July.
Best of luck!!!!

Kids makeover Application Form


PLEASE NOTE; The information provided in this application form will be treated as private and confidential and will not be shared with third parties. See here for more information about how your data is stored

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Our 2018 In Review

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Can you believe it’s Christmas already? It seems like just yesterday since we wrote out 2017 year in review – how time flies! In 2018, we were lucky to work on some really amazing projects.

We had a brilliant start to the year when The Lodgers won the IFTA for Best VFX. As we were up against industry behemoths Game of Thrones we were absolutely delighted. The VFX team on the film was incredible so the award was well and truly deserved. Following the IFTA win, The Lodgers was released theatrically in 24 countries including Italy where it showed in a massive 200 screens.

tailored films - iftas

The project that took up a lot of our time of this year was our 15 part kids drama Mini Moguls which screened on RTE2 in November. Mini Moguls followed Grace Campbell, a totally ordinary fourteen year old who is thrilled to be given an opportunity to compete for a job with Max Mogul, a YouTube and tech sensation. However, she soon realises that she’s caught up the nefarious plans of an evil corporation. We shot Mini Moguls over three weeks in Castleknock College with a really talented cast and crew. Mini Moguls the Movie will also be showing at 10.50am on Sunday 23rd December on RTE2 – make sure to check it out!


With the generous support of Screen Ireland, we currently have six projects in funded development. This includes our new feature The Winter Lake, body horror Hive Mind, dystopic sci-fi Black Unicorn, psychological thriller Don’t Come After Me, VR noir Dead Cities and surreal drama The Foundling.

Team Tailored was also represented at numerous markets this year including Cannes, Berlin, Content London, Les Arcs and of course, glamorous Galway.


On the corporate side of things, we worked on a lot of really cool promos in 2018. Notable projects included videos for the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and An Garda Siochana. We were also lucky to continue our work in 2018 producing videos for companies in the charity / not for profit sector.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-12 at 15.31.05

An even busier 2019 is planned as our next feature film The Winter Lake goes into production in Spring 2019 and we’ll also be continuing to work on children’s drama development for RTE.

We’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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A word from our most recent intern, Jordan

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Jordan shot 1

Hi there! My name is Jordan and I’ve been an interning here since October. Since arriving at Tailored Films, I have interacted with nothing but kind hearted, passionate people. Though I came during a period of relative downtime, there were still plenty of experiences for me to be involved with their projects and to take on challenges in areas like editing, sound design, and screenwriting.

I was also able to be on set for a few different shoots for various corporate clients including events shot at the Royal College of Surgeons and Trinity College. The shoots were typically kept as small as possible to give comfort to the subject, but on more than one occasion I was given learning opportunities well outside the realm of film. In one shoot at a local dentistry, we were crammed into an operating room and I actually got to be onscreen a little bit as a patient. On the shoot at the Royal College of Surgeons, I got to sit in on a graduate level lecture on biology (I think I understood some of it) and get an inside look at the lab spaces.

Besides the shoots, I attended two different social events, an Animation event at the American Ambassador’s house and the Ireland of Horrors Panel at Trinity College. The horror panel gave me a greater understanding of Irish film and allowed me to ask questions to people such as Conor McMahon who directed Tailored Film’s Stitches. This was actually my first day at Tailored and it gave me a lot of insight into what I would be doing in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 13.10.50

The event at the American Ambassador’s house was actually a promotional event for Pixar’s Ralph Wrecks the Internet and included people such as John C. Reilly and director Phil Johnston. I got to have a lot of free fancy hors doeuvres and wine and talk to plenty of interesting people from the Irish Animation Industry. I was definitely not expecting anything like this to happen when I started this internship, but I’m glad it did.

As I leave Tailored Films, I am excited to see the projects that I have been helping prepare see a release in the coming year. I’ll miss my time here, but hopefully will connect with the people I met here further along in my own career.

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The Mini Moguls Have Arrived!

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The cast of Mini Moguls are poised for victory.

Last week our new kids show Mini Moguls premiered on RTE 2. The show will continue to air every weekday at 12:35 PM with repeats at 5:15 PM for the next two weeks. An omnibus of 5 episodes will also be airing every Sunday morning at 11:15 AM.

Mini Moguls stars Dayl Cronin (Hometown, Dancing With the Stars) as Max Mogul, a social media sensation and host of a new competition for ambitious young internet stars. Our story follows five teens as they compete for one million euro and the chance to become Max Mogul’s right hand man. But something sinister is lurking behind the scenes at Mogul Manor. Who is Max Mogul and what does he really want? The series is a lighthearted mystery that revolves around the theme of how people choose to present themselves on the internet and the impact that has on their identity.

The show was shot on location at the Castleknock College in Dublin and directed by Tailored Films’ own Ruth Treacy and Julianne Forde. It was written by Carol Walsh, Niamh Dennis, and Stephen Shields and stars a cast of up and coming actors including Amelia Flanagan who is making her acting debut as protagonist and superstar hopeful Grace Campbell.

We’re very excited about this project and hope that you will tune in! Can’t catch it on RTE2? Don’t worry! The show is also available on the RTE Player. More info on our upcoming projects will be coming soon.




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Netflix News, Production Progress and Up-To-Date Development!

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The Lodgers is coming to Netflix on August 23rd!
Thought you missed your chance to see The Lodgers? Never fear. It’s coming to haunt you in the comfort of your own home!
It is winding its way to a TV / tablet / projector / phone screen near you very shortly. In an almost worldwide release (which we are extremely excited about) The Lodgers will land on Netflix this Thursday August 23rd. 
The Lodgers revolves around twins Rachel and Edward, who share a strange existence in their crumbling family estate. Each night, the property becomes the domain of a sinister presence (The Lodgers) which enforces three rules upon the twins: they must be in bed by midnight; they may not permit an outsider past the threshold; if one attempts to escape, the life of the other is placed in jeopardy. When troubled war veteran Sean returns to the nearby village, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious Rachel, who in turn begins to break the rules set out by The Lodgers. The consequences pull Rachel into a deadly confrontation with her brother – and with the curse that haunts them.
Lovin Dublin are just as excited as we are. They’ve chosen us as the one to watch this weekend.
We’ve gotten some great feedback so far on the film and we are keen to hear more! If you’ve enjoyed the movie, feel free to give it a rating on IMDB. We’d love to hear your thoughts.
Here’s the trailer to get you excited for the real thing!

The cast of Mini Moguls

In other news……
Our RTE Show MINI MOGULS is in its last week of production!
We conceived, wrote, cast, and shot our latest kids show in under three months! Certainly a record for Tailored. The quick turn around was challenging but we are more than delighted with the result.
Here’s a synopsis to get you in the Mogul mood:
Five teenagers apply for the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to meet the famed, mysterious and dashing  YouTuber, Max Mogul. When the teens arrive atMogul Camp, they learn that they must compete against each other in a series of challenging tasks in order to win untold riches and a chance to become a famous YouTuber, just like Max Mogul. But something very sinister is going on behind the scenes at the Mogul camp and it’s up to our teens to find out: who is Max Mogul and what is he actually up to?
The lovely folks at Daily Edge have listed us as one of their top 20 shows to catch on RTE this Autumn. Everyone’s excited to see the show it seems!
You can catch Mini Moguls on RTE before the end of 2018! Keep your eyes peeled for more info in the coming months!
And finally, in development news…..
This summer we’ve been busily working away on a number of projects in funded development with Screen Ireland including:
Hive Mind by Demian Fox, a coming of age Sci-Fi/ horror, Don’t Come After Me by David Turpin, a revenge thriller, Kin by Niall Byrne, a psychological horror, Dead Cities by Gavin Burke, a virtual reality film noir, Black Unicorn by David Turpin, a dystopian drama and The Foundling by David Turpin, an absurdist fable.
If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please drop us a mail at

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Casting Call – Mini Moguls

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Calling all teenage actors! We’re currently casting 6 roles for an upcoming RTÉ kids TV series. All roles are for 13-16 year olds (male and female roles). The shoot is taking place from August 7th to 24th so you must be available for the duration of this time. Actors don’t have to be Dublin based but must be based on the island of Ireland. Character descriptions below:


Max Mogul
Age 14/15
A teen idol / Willy Wonka style character – the big boss of the teen empire that the other
characters are seeking to join. Max is the slickest kid on the block. He’s a bit of a Justin Bieber
tech whizz. He’s a teen billionaire who made his money from inventing cool tech gadgets, but he
equally wouldn’t look out of place on stage in a boy band.
He’s charismatic, charming, but also quite sneaky and not trustworthy. Although he smiles a lot,
he can be quite devious. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from people.

Age 14
Grace is the ultimate girl next door – she’s the everyday ordinary girl that the audience will
connect with. She ends up attending this summer camp kind of by mistake (all the other teens
are chosen because of their superior skills in certain areas, but Grace was selected because
she shares the same name as someone else. She is a little insecure but grows in confidence as
the show develops. She sees the fun in things and wants to be friends with others, she is less
competitive than the other teens. She suspects Max is devious early on, but she knows it will
take a lot of investigating to expose him. She’s likeable and very much the audience’s window
into this world. Friendly, fun, adventurous and curious. She’s very smart and Leo is intimidated
by her.

Age 13/14
Marcus is cool, calm and collected. He attended the teen mini mogul camp last summer and
was chosen as a winner. The other team members are jealous that he must have the inside
track with Marcus, but there’s more to Marcus that meets the eye. He starts out a bit selfish and
stand offish / not very friendly, but then he falls for Grace and romance starts to blossom. His
hard shell starts to soften. He’s quick talking, quick thinking but doesn’t trust people easily. He’s
a bit hard to get to know at first.

Age 13
Una is extremely shy but highly intelligent. Her parents have sent her to this camp because they
want her to make friends, but Una would rather be anywhere else but here. She plays a lot of
video games and all her friends are virtual. She can be bossed around far too easily and never
speaks her mind. But in the end she learns how to stand up for herself. She’s a little mouse
mostly though.

Age 14

Leo will stab anyone in the back to get what he want. He’s super loud, super brash and thinks
he knows it all. He comes from quite a wealthy background and assumes he will always get his
own way. He learns over the course of the show that sometimes it’s okay to fail if you did your
best. He also learns to relax a bit. He’s Grace’s biggest rival.

Age 13
Sarah is a bit of a messer. She has a very short attention span. She wants to be famous and
she thought it would be fun to attend this camp but she isn’t really too bothered about the
investigation or what might really be happening behind the scenes. She’s a bit flaky and
switches between different friends a lot, but ultimately she learns to not always take centre
stage and to be a bit more loyal.



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