Shooting a promo for The Winter Lake

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We spent last weekend in Leek in the Peak district in Staffordshire filming a promo for a feature film project we’re developing called The Winter Lake.  The script is written by David Turpin (The Lodgers) and the director attached is the award winning short director and NFTS graduate, Phil Sheerin. It has been funded in development by the Irish Film Board with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and we’re hopeful that this support will continue as we move towards financing and hopefully production in late 2017.

The film is a gothic coming of age tale about a young boy who uncovers a dark secret in a turlough (seasonal lake) which sets in motion a series of unsettling events involving his mysterious neighbours.  We worked with a great crew on the promo including director of photography Alistair Little (NFTS graduate).

We’ll keep you posted as the project progresses in development! Here are some photos from the shoot:

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That’s a wrap on The Lodgers – our new gothic horror feature film

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Our cast and crew picture taken on the famous staircase in Loftus Hall

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve wrapped filming on our latest production The Lodgers, a gothic horror feature film directed by Brian O’ Malley (Let Us Prey) and written by David Turpin. It was a long six weeks, most of which we spent down in the depths of Wexford at Loftus Hall, Ireland’s most haunted house (which, incidentally, is celebrating it’s 666th anniversary this year!) We also filmed in some other Wexford locations, including Tintern Abbey, Clongeen village and Johnstown Castle.


Loftus Hall


The Lodgers is set in 1920’s rural Ireland during its War of Independence and tells the story of Anglo Irish twins Rachel and Edward who are just about to turn 18. They reside in a crumbling manor on the edge of a village, where they have lived alone since their parents’ untimely death. Except they are not entirely alone – for they share the house with an unseen spiritual force which resides in the basement, known only as The Lodgers. The twins must live by very strict rules set out by The Lodgers, or face unknown and devastating punishments.

We had an amazing time filming this, not least because of our talented cast and crew. Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner (X-Men First Class, Anthropoid) and Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones) lead the cast. The Lodgers also stars David Bradley (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), Irish comedian Deirdre O’ Kane and Moe Dunford (Patrick’s Day, Vikings). The Lodgers is in post production and has already enjoyed some promotion at the American Film Market last week. Before we began filming we made an original promo (with original music by Cathy Davey) which was used as a teaser and helped us raise finance. This promo was also shot in Loftus Hall. Check it if you haven’t already seen it!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more updates. You can see more posts at #thelodgersmovie

Below are some stills from the shoot.


Dessie (Moe Dunford) and his cohorts, or as they became known ‘Dunford and Sons’


Dessie (Moe Dunford) squares up to Rachel (Charlotte Vega) in the village


Charlotte Vega


And some behind the scenes:


Director Brian O’ Malley and actor Bill Milner (Edward) with Mr Montague


Producer Julianne Forde and Executive Producer Patrick Ewald (Epic Pictures)


Director Brian O’ Malley and actor David Bradley (Bermingham) deep in discussion before a scene


Our gaffer Tim Fletcher


Our talented camera team setting up for a shot with Charlotte Vega (Rachel) and Roisin Murphy (Kay)


Costume Designer Sara Jane ffrench O’ Carroll keeps Charlotte warm in between takes

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That’s a wrap on ‘Miss Mogul’!

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Hi everyone!

Well, as expected, we have not been very regular with our blog postings (despite our best intentions!) It’s been almost three months since our last post, which was published by our fantastic intern Sam, who we all miss (not least for her social media and blog posting skills!) Anywho, we wanted to update you on what we’ve been up to over the past while. It’s been super busy as usual with various projects, including our corporate work, delivering our feature film Spooky Stakeout to our sales agent, prepping our upcoming feature film The Lodgers and of course shooting our latest children’s TV drama series, MISS MOGUL (written once more by the very talented Matt Roche).

Miss Mogul is a mystery series for 8-11 year olds which follows sassy presenter Katie who hosts an online video show  ‘ Miss Mogul’ which broadcasts from the school library every day. The show follows all kinds of lifestyle tips and Katie is a diva who everyone is scared of. One day Katie falls mysteriously ill during a live broadcast and can no longer present the show. Although her crew members are excitedly waiting in the wings to take over, Katie insists that her identical twin Emily (who no-one else on the team knows about) is the only one who can take her place. The only way this plan can work is if Emily pretends to be Katie, so that she can secretly investigate who had motives to poison her sister. Along the way Emily gets embroiled in all kinds of mysteries and secrets and by the end, she’s not sure who she can trust. The series will have interactive elements, much like our previous series ‘Spooky Stakeout’.

The full team of Miss Mogul        Emily and some schoolmates in Miss Mogul

We filmed Miss Mogul in Loreto Foxrock in late July with a super talented team of actors and crew. We are now speeding ahead with the editing process and we can’t wait for you to see the results. The series will be broadcast on RTE 2 Swipe TV in autumn 2016. Watch this space for more info!

And we promise we won’t leave it so long again until our next blog post!

Here are some stills from the shoot:

Shane and Ciaran take over the hotseat  Jake and Emily, Miss Mogul  Emily considers the evidence Ciaran & Eva don't see eye to eye in Miss Mogul

And here’s a few fun behind the scenes ones! HUGE thanks to Conor Dowling for all the stills photography work! (as well as being an awesome camera assistant)

The full Miss Mogul team!   Director Ruth Treacy with Olivia McKevitt (Emily)

AD Niamh Cummins and Costume Designer Lorna Keating try out a homemade solution for 'electrifying' hair!  Dean Murray, sound recordist, takes an opportunity for a much needed sit down

Office spying Our production designer Mark Kilbride designed a custom book prop for our DOP Jules Forde!



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Spooky Stakeout: The Movie!

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Spooky Stakeout © Tailored Films

Hi! It’s Sam again for my second and last blog post. I’m returning to my home in America next week, and while I’m excited to go back, I’m definitely going to miss it here at Tailored Films. We’ve had a very busy few weeks, and that’s mostly due to the production of Spooky Stakeout. If you’ve been following Tailored Films’ past work, you know that we’ve created two series called Spooky Stakeout. The series, produced by us for RTE, follow Team Spooky as they hunt down ghosts. It was interactive, so while being on television, viewers could also go online and vote, helping to shape the path of the series. Recently, we started working on a full length feature, incorporating parts of series 1 and 2 as flashbacks, and adding in a whole new story with Team Spooky. This time, they go to a haunted castle, but what happens next you’ll have to wait to find out!

Darragh Barron, who plays Peter, in front of the green screen

Darragh Barron, who plays Peter, in front of the green screen

This was my first time on a movie set, so it was absolutely amazing to work with Ruth, Julianne, Paula, and the rest of our production team on this feature.  One of the best parts of the entire process was the absolutely stunning location. We filmed at Dardistown Castle in Co. Meath for three days. A family currently lives in part of the castle, but they’ve left the right wing of the castle in its authentic condition. This included the spiral stone staircase that our crew had to climb up and down a thousand times by the end of production, the drawing room that ended up becoming the cast’s favorite place to hang out, and our basement where we worked with green screen technology to bring the spooky aspects to life. The green screen was a particularly fascinating aspect, especially as I’ve never seen one in production before. The scenes it was used for have already been edited and they look great, you all are in for a real treat when the trailer comes out.

Harry Behan (Cian) and Lauren Kinsella (Alex) try to stay warm

Harry Behan (Cian) and Lauren Kinsella (Alex) try to stay warm

While the location was amazing, the entire cast and crew can attest to the fact that it was absolutely freezing in the castle. Our lovely host told us that while the house was warm in Summer and Autumn, it hadn’t had the chance to warm up yet. Two of our stars, Lauren, who plays new character Alex, and Zena, who returns as Sarah, the brains behind Team Spooky, took to wearing robes and carrying hot water bottles so they could keep warm. We also had the pleasure of Dardistown Castle’s three cats to keep us company. Harry, who plays lovable tech geek Cian, Lioyd, the actor behind fan-favorite Brian, and Tadhg, reprising his role Team Spooky’s fearless leader Noah, had a blast following a particular cat around as he hunted down mice. As this is the third time these actors, with the exception of Lauren, have worked together, it was a little hard keeping them focused, but our 1st Assistant Director TJ made sure to keep them on task. Though we were all exhausted by the end of the shoot, I can honestly say I was sad to say goodbye, and I’m hoping that the next Spooky Stakeout takes place in America so I can see this amazing cast and crew again.

Our editors are hard at work on the trailer and the film itself, so we’ll keep you updated when those will come out. In the mean time, I spent the week as our set photographer, grabbings stills from both production and behind the scenes. Here are just a few photos to give you a taste of Spooky Stakeout and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see more updates from Spooky Stakeout and all of our other projects coming up. Thanks!

Dean Murray, our boom operator, listens in as Lauren Kinsella (Alex), Lioyd Hogan (Brian), and Zena Donnelly (Sarah) get directed by Ruth

Dean Murray, our boom operator, listens in as Lauren Kinsella (Alex), Lioyd Hogan (Brian), and Zena Donnelly (Sarah) get directed by Ruth

Our Crew!

Our Crew!

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Welcome to our blog!

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Julianne filming for USIT.

Julianne filming for USIT at Temple Bar

Hi! My name is Samantha and I’m the intern here at Tailored Films. A little about me: I’m a third year at Muhlenberg College in the United States. However, I’m doing my Erasmus program here at Dublin City University, and I’ll be interning at Tailored Films until mid-May. Ruth, Jules, and Paula have been trying to get this blog running for the past few years, but since I’m here for a few more weeks, I thought I’d get it started. We try to keep all of our platforms updated but I wanted to give you a inside peek into what happens here at Tailored Films.

There are several projects we’re working on at the moment. Currently, we’re in the final stages of an exhibit for Mount Saint Anne’s Retreat about the Presentation Sisters. We’ve created several short films that will tie into the exhibit surrounding them. These films showcase the work the sisters currently do, as well as their history and what they hope to do in the future. It’s been a large project but we’re really excited to see it finalized and presented. Make sure to check it out starting in May!

Another project we’re working on is expanding our children’s television series, Spooky Stakeout, into a feature.

Our poster from Spooky Stakeout, the feature we're currently working on.

Our poster from Spooky Stakeout

We created Spooky Stakeout as a series for RTE, and we’re looking forward to working with our young actors again on this project. Production will be in early May, and we’re hoping to release the feature sometime in the coming months. Check out Spooky Stakeout on our website, and we look forward to showing you the full project soon!

We’ve recently filmed a few spots for Dublin Institute of Technology and USIT, which should be released in the upcoming weeks.

Julianne, one of our freelance directors, and our representative from USIT.

Julianne, one of our freelance directors, and our representative from USIT.

We really enjoyed working with both companies and we hope you all enjoy the spots as much as we enjoyed making them.

Finally, pre-production is currently in process for an upcoming feature film we’re hoping to shoot later in the summer. We’re currently finalizing the casting and locations, but we’ll keep you all updated as this is definitely going to be a project you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for updates!

We’re getting ready for summer here at Tailored Films and we hope you are too. There’s a lot coming our way but we’re excited for the challenge and to share it with you all. Thanks for stopping by our blog and we look forward to you visiting our website again soon.

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