Tailored Films is available to provide a diverse range of production services to international co-producers on film and TV projects. We can manage any – or every – stage of the production process from financing to post-production and everything in between. Our co-production services are tailor made to fit the specific needs and time critical constraints of your project.


As Tailored Films is an Irish production company, any co-production carried out with us will qualify to benefit from a whole host of Irish funding opportunities. Ireland has long been an incubator for artistic talent, providing filmmakers with a number of generous funding schemes to boost participation in the country’s thriving film industry. Funding bodies like the Irish Film Board and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland release millions of euro in funding each year to Irish co-produced films.


By co-producing your project with Tailored Films, your project would also be eligible for the lucrative Section 481 tax incentive, which finances up to 32% of in-country spend. Tailored Films has experience handling and managing the application and processing of this tax credit.


To find out more about co-producing with Tailored films, contact Julianne Forde at julianne@tailoredfilms.ie.