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The Lodgers

About: A gothic horror story centred on a family curse and a sinister presence that confines orphaned twins Rachel and Edward to their crumbling mansion in 1920s Ireland.

Stats: Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (2017). Screened theatrically in 23 countries before securing worldwide buyout deal with Netflix. Won Irish Film and TV award for best VFX, as well as Best Film at Terror Molins del Rei Festival, and Best Actress and VFX and Fancine Festival, Spain.

Still from The Lodgers


About: The darkly comic tale of ‘Stitches’ Grindle, a homicidal clown, who rises from the grave to exact revenge on the now grown children responsible for his death at a birthday party years prior.

Stats: Screened in over 100 cinemas across the UK and Ireland. Sold worldwide and won awards at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival and Film4 Frightfest

Stitches Movie Still

The Winter Lake

About: A dark coming-of-age drama following a young boy whose unsettling discovery at a seasonal lake threatens to expose the long-buried secrets of his mysterious neighbours.

The Winter Lake Movie Still