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Tailored Films has produced 8 TV series to date for national broadcaster RTÉ, with a 9th lined up to shoot later this year.  The bulk of this work has been for younger audiences. We are passionate about delivering quirky, contemporary, funny and brave television that will connect with, and speak to young audiences. We are continuing to develop projects on our TV slate for young people, one of which is a 4 x 25 minute drama series ‘Louise Lives Large’, which is slated to go into production in 2021. We have also begun developing TV drama content for adults also.

aCe MY SPaCe

About: Hosted by YouTubers Sean Treacy and Mary Claire Fitzpatrick, this children’s bedroom makeover series grants 10 lucky kids the chance to score a brand new bedroom…but all design decisions are in the hands of a friend or family member. Will the nominees land the bedroom of their dreams or will the end result be a complete nightmare? The format for Ace My Space was developed in-house by Tailored. Season two is slated to begin production later on in 2020.Watch the Promo Video Here
Ace My Space TV Series Poster


About: A family mystery series following five teens who must compete against each other at Mogul Camp for a chance to win instant fame and fortune. Run by the mysterious and dashing YouTube sensation Max Mogul, it doesn’t take long for the applicants to realise something fishy is going on…Watch The Promo Video Here
Mini Moguls TV Series Poster


About: A riotous teen mystery following ultra cool presenter Katie, whose popular online video show is compromised when a member of her crew poisons her! Now it’s up to Katie’s shy and quiet twin sister Emily to assume her identity and catch the culprit…

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About: Our family-friendly scare fest returns to bring the gang back together for another spooky adventure – this time at a haunted hotel! Ghosts and laugh-out-loud moments abound in this brand new mystery-solving escapade.Watch the Trailer Here
Spooky Stakeout TV Series Poster


About: An interactive children’s drama series following four young friends who must use all their mystery-solving know-how to solve the case of a legendary haunted castle. Spooky Stakeout is a family adventure full of age-appropriate scares and plenty of humor.Watch The Trailer Here
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About: A role-swapping reality dramedy series where primary school children have the opportunity to swap places with their school teacher, and teach THEM a life lesson of their choosing (rapping, dancing, hula hooping etc). The teacher must then perform the ‘life lesson’ in front of a packed school audience, with the students finally having an opportunity to grade their teacher’s abilities with a green or red card. The format for Life Lessons was developed in house in Tailored.

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About: An interactive show featuring young blogger Tim as he imparts his ingenious tips on crucial matters such as getting more pocket money, securing pizza instead of vegetables for dinner, and annoying your siblings. This 36-part series is chock-full of answers to all of life’s little problems.

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About: Winner of RTÉ’s online Storyland competition in 2010, ‘Zombie Bashers’ is a six-part online series following  two ex-plumbers Pascal and Mick – a couple of incompetent rascals – who will get rid of your pests, but charge you a fortune. It’s all good, except these are no ordinary pests: these are ZOMBIES.Watch The Trailer
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